JURSE 2017


The MAUPP team will be well represented at the Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE 2017) that will take place in Dubai, UAE, on March 6-8, 2017. Within a special session on ‘Urban remote sensing for sub-Saharan Africa’ organized by Michal Shimoni and Eléonore Wolff, three papers from the MAUPP team will be presented:

  • Vanhuysse, S., Grippa, T., Lennert, M., Wolff, E., Idrissa, M “Contribution of nDSM derived from VHR stereo imagery to urban land-cover mapping in Sub-Saharan Africa”.
  • Lopez, J-F., Shimoni, M., Grippa T. “Extraction of African urban and rural structural features using SAR Sentinel-1 data”.
  • Forget, Y., Linard, C., Gilbert, M. “Automated Supervised Classification of Ouagadougou Built-up Areas in Landsat Scenes Using OpenStreetMap”.

Published on January 19, 2017, by Catherine Linard