Open-Source Software

Packages & Programs

LandsatXplore: search & download Landsat scenes from EarthExplorer
Yann Forget

PyLandsat: search, download and preprocess Landsat imagery from Google Cloud
Yann Forget

ASARApi: search & download ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat products from the ESA Online Catalogue
Yann Forget

Scripts & Notebooks

Open Source OBIA Processing Chain
Taïs Grippa, Moritz Lennert, Benjamin Beaumont, Sabine Vanhuysse, Nathalie Stephenne, and Eléonore Wolff

A Local Segmentation Parameter Optimization Approach for Mapping Heterogeneous Urban Environments Using VHR Imagery
Taïs Grippa, Stefanos Georganos, Sabine Vanhuysse, Moritz Lennert and Eléonore Wolff

Modeling of Population Densities using GRASS GIS
Taïs Grippa

Supervised Classification of Built-up Areas in Sub-Saharan African Cities using Landsat Imagery and OpenStreetMap
Yann Forget, Catherine Linard, and Marius Gilbert

Complementarity Between Sentinel-1 and Landsat 8 Imagery for Built-Up Mapping in Sub-Saharan Africa
Yann Forget, Michal Shimoni, Marius Gilbert, and Catherine Linard

Computing Landscape Metrics in OSM Street Blocks
Taïs Grippa

Extraction of Street Blocks from OSM
Taïs Grippa